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Jon Kettles grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, and is the son of an offshore helicopter pilot. In addition to being a helicopter ATP and flight instructor, Jon has worked on an offshore drilling rig, so he is familiar with the offshore oilfield environment. He has represented pilots, passengers, and their families in offshore helicopter cases against the major helicopter manufacturers and offshore operators involving defective aircraft parts, faulty maintenance and pilot error.

 Offshore accidents are governed by a combination of archaic state and federal maritime law that is a carryover from the days of steamships. The type of operation and the exact location of the crash will determine which law controls, such as the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA), the Jones Act or state law. For example, the recovery available to a family who has lost a loved-one is affected by how far offshore the accident happened, the purpose of the flight, and whether the accident happened on a platform or in the water.