A general aviation accident is more than just a car wreck in the air. The last thing you need is a lawyer learning aviation law on your case. Discovering the cause behind general aviation accidents requires the analysis of intricate machinery and laws. Because Jon Kettles holds not only the FAA’s highest rating as a pilot and flight instructor, he is uniquely qualified to uncover the cause of aviation accidents and force the responsible parties to fully compensate the people they have injured.

Jon Kettles has successfully represented plaintiffs in general aviation cases involving:

• Engine failures in all phases of flight
• Product failures of all types
• In-flight icing
• In-flight instrument failures
• Denial of insurance coverage in  cases
• Mid-air collisions
• Pilot error
• Flight instructor error
• Negligent maintenance
• Air traffic control error

 Mr. Kettles has represented plaintiffs in general aviation cases involving the following airplane models:

Cessna 150/172/182/210
• Cessna Encore
• Beechcraft/Raytheon Bonanza
• Beechcraft/Raytheon Baron
• Beechcraft/Raytheon King Air
• Gulfstream
Piper Cherokee
• Piper Cherokee Six
• Mitsubishi MU-2
• DeHavilland Turbo Otter
• Light Sport Aircraft

*Go to our “Helicopter Accidents” page for a list of helicopter models from cases we have handled.