Expertise you can depend on.

Jon Kettles earned the highest level helicopter pilot and helicopter flight instructor licenses the FAA awards– the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) ratings. He also holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has worked in the engineering division of the Army Safety Center investigating helicopter accidents and designing helicopter safety improvements.

Mr. Kettles has successfully represented passengers and  pilots injured in the following helicopter operations:

  • Private Helicopter Operations

  • Offshore Helicopter Operations

  • Sightseeing Helicopter Operations

  • Helicoptering Helicopter Herding

  • Air Ambulance / Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

  • Military Attack Helicopter

  • Military Cargo Helicopters

Mr. Kettles has represented plaintiffs in cases involving crashes of the following helicopter models:

  • Augusta 109/ Leonardo

  • Bell 206-series

  • Bell 47

  • Bell 407

  • Bell 212

  • Bell 222U

  • Bell OH58D

  • Bell UH-1H

  • Bell UH-1H+

  • Bell AH-1W (Marine Super Cobra)       

  • Boeing CH-47 (Army Chinook)

  • Eurocopter AS-350-series

  • Eurocopter AS-355

  • Eurocopter (Bolkow) BO-105

  • McDonnell-Douglas AH-64 (Army Apache)

  • McDonnell-Douglas (Hughes) 500-series

  • Robinson R22

  • Rotorway Exec (homebuilt)