Partnering the right resources with the latest technology for maximum impact.

Innovative Technology
People remember only 20% of what they hear, but 80% of what they hear and see. One of the biggest challenges of handling an aviation case is simplifying the inherently complex subject of aircraft accidents into a form that gives a jury the information they need to do the right thing. In an age when communication capabilities are constantly evolving, using the latest technology effectively can help make or break a case.

The Kettles Law firm has a dedicated computer animation and video production team, experienced in finding the most effective way to present important information in an impactful way. Our in-house graphics capability gives the firm the flexibility to produce trial exhibits at a moment’s notice.

Specialized Resources
The Kettles Law Firm has developed an extensive network of investigators, consultants and well-respected experts in highly specialized fields to help uncover and document the causes of aircraft accidents. Jon works closely with these experts so their testimony provides simple, straightforward explanations of complicated issues to bring maximum clarity to the case.