Aviation law is an especially complex corner of personal injury law — which makes an experienced Jacksonville aircraft accident lawyer a must if you want to maximize your chances at a positive outcome in your case.

The Kettles Law Firm offers superb legal representation for men and women who have been involved in aviation accidents or have lost a loved one in an airplane or helicopter incident. Our Jacksonville helicopter accident lawyer Jon Kettles brings decades of aviation and legal experience to the table.

As your airplane accident lawyer in Jacksonville FL, we have the capacity to:

  • Utilize our extensive technical knowledge to determine the cause of your aviation accident — from a malfunctioning aircraft component to pilot error.
  • As your helicopter accident lawyer in Jacksonville FL, we then unpack and boil this information down into terms that a layperson can understand. We utilize animation, graphics and expert testimony to help convey our findings to juries and judges.
  • This is all in an attempt to hold the negligent party accountable. The aviation industry is unique in the fact that it is closely guarded by special interests and insurance companies. You need a Jacksonville aircraft accident lawyer that will stand up to this establishment.

Mr. Kettles and The Kettles Law Firm serve as a respected name both here in Jacksonville and throughout the rest of the country. This reputation goes a long way, and by hiring us as your Jacksonville airplane accident lawyer, you are letting the opposition know you mean business.


Trust Jon Kettles as your Jacksonville airplane accident lawyer

Let us protect your legal rights following an aviation accident. Talk to our Jacksonville aircraft accident lawyer staff about your accident and we can provide the legal assistance that will get you results. We look forward to hearing from you.