Aviation law is a very technical corner of personal injury law — which means hiring in an experienced Houston aircraft crash lawyer is a must. The Kettles Law Firm provides this type of specialized service.

Led by Houston airplane crash lawyer Jon Kettles, The Kettles Law Firm is one of the leading names in aviation law throughout the Houston area and the rest of the country.


Our approach to aviation law cases

As a leading Houston helicopter crash lawyer, our team is able to put our extensive knowledge and experience to work in your case — closely examining the evidence surrounding an aviation accident and finding the cause.

This can be anything from a technical failure with the aircraft and its components all the way to negligence on behalf of the pilot or operator. As your Houston aircraft crash lawyer, we will work hard to pinpoint the negligent party and hold them accountable.

When it comes time to make our case, we implement some of the most high-tech resources, including:

  • Animation
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Graphics

After all, a Houston airplane crash lawyer needs to take very technical information and unpack it, boiling it down in terms that a layperson can understand. At The Kettles Law Firm, we have an airplane crash attorney in Houston TX that can do just that.

We also serve as a helicopter crash attorney in Houston TX, assisting those who have been involved in these specific types of aviation accidents. Mr. Kettles has experience as a plane and helicopter pilot and instructor, which brings a high level of knowledge to the mix.


Consult with The Kettles Law Firm

We invite you to meet with our Houston aircraft crash lawyer staff and tell us about your case. We vow to fight hard on your behalf and ensure that justice is served.