Welcome to a leading Seattle aviation attorney. We are The Kettles Law Firm, specializing in all areas of aviation law. Led by the experience and vast knowledge of attorney Jon Kettles, our team can provide reliable, highly effective legal assistance for victims of plane and helicopter accidents.

Mr. Kettles has spent essentially his entire professional life in the aviation and aviation law industries. Serving as plane and helicopter pilot and instructor, he also served in the U.S. military, specializing in accident investigation and more.

This extensive knowledge and experience allows us to serve as a truly effective Seattle aviation lawyer, providing competent legal assistance for such areas as:

  • Airline accidents
  • General aviation
  • Helicopter accidents
  • Offshore helicopter accidents
  • Military aviation

All of these areas are unique in their own right, making a knowledgeable aviation attorney in Seattle WA a must in the legal situations.


Don’t settle or ignore your rights completely

The aviation industry is a closely guarded one. It’s filled with lawyers and insurance companies that will rush to the defense of certain parties. You can’t take them on alone. With a Seattle aviation attorney in your corner, you can hold negligent parties responsible and make sure they compensate you fairly.

The Kettles Law Firm is the perfect Seattle aviation lawyer for the job, too. Mr. Kettles is well known throughout the industry — both for his knowledge and ability as a litigator.

With our team as your aviation lawyer in Seattle WA, you will command the respect that you deserve throughout the legal process.


Consult with an accomplished Seattle plane crash attorney

If you are looking for a Seattle aircraft accident lawyer, The Kettles Law Firm is qualified and ready to combine its nation-wide experience with its ability to collaborate with local lawyers in any location needed.

Whether you were involved in a private plane crash or injured aboard a commercial aircraft, please talk to our Seattle aviation attorney team if you would like to explore your legal options. Contact The Kettles Law Firm and schedule an appointment.