The right Seattle aircraft accident lawyer can guide you through the legal process following an aviation accident. This is important because very few people know how to proceed with such a complex legal matter.

First of all, most people don’t anticipate being involved in an aviation accident. These are relatively rare instances, which is why they don’t generally give much thought to finding a Seattle airplane accident lawyer in advance.

Secondly, a lot of people forego hiring a Seattle helicopter accident lawyer because they figure the process will be taken care of by the NTSB and the appropriate insurance companies. This is a common misconception.

  • As a leading airplane accident lawyer in Seattle WA, we are here to tell you that the NTSB is not working on your behalf and is not tasked with finding the legal cause of your specific accident.
  • Also, insurance companies are in business for their own personal gain and do not represent your best interests. They will do what they can to defend their clients and limit your compensation. This is why a Seattle aircraft accident lawyer is a must.

With The Kettles Law Firm, you get a Seattle airplane accident lawyer that has your best interests at heart. We fill work hard to find the cause of your accident and identify the negligent parties that contributed to the mishap.

We don’t back down to the opposition. As your airplane accident lawyer in Seattle WA, we are confident in our knowledge and experience and can build a strong case in your favor. As a dedicated helicopter accident lawyer in Seattle WA, we represent men and women who have either been involved in an aviation accident or have lost a loved one in this fashion.

You can talk to a Seattle aircraft accident lawyer as a part of our free consultation. Contact The Kettles Law Firm and schedule your appointment.