Put knowledge and experience in your corner by teaming up with The Kettles Law Firm as your San Antonio aviation attorney. Attorney Jon Kettles comes with decades of experience serving in various capacities within the aviation industry.

The Kettles Law Firm brings that knowledge and experience to your case as your San Antonio aviation lawyer. We work hard for our clients, helping them to receive the deserved compensation in their cases.

These cases can vary in nature. Some of the types of cases that we have handled as an aviation attorney in San Antonio TX include:

  • Adverse weather operations
  • Pilot/operator neglect or error
  • Defective aircraft or aircraft components
  • Military aircraft design failure
  • Insurance coverage and waivers
  • Air traffic control errors
  • And more

This is where our experience comes into play and allows The Kettles Law Firm to serve as a truly effective San Antonio aviation attorney. Our extensive knowledge helps our team know exactly what to look for and how to prove negligence in these and other cases.


Don’t settle for a general personal injury lawyer

A San Antonio aviation attorney is paramount for these types of cases. Aviation law is a whole different animal — it requires an extensive technical knowledge and the ability to go after parties that are isolated within a closely guarded and protected industry.

As your San Antonio aviation lawyer, we pledge to put our knowledge and experience to work for you — helping to hold negligent parties accountable and securing the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.


Now offering free consultations with an aviation lawyer in San Antonio TX

If you have been involved in an aviation accident, contact a San Antonio plane crash attorney immediately.

At The Kettles Law Firm, we give you direct access to a San Antonio aviation attorney that can help address your questions and concerns. We look forward to working with you.