The Kettles Law Firm is proud to serve as a premier Phoenix aviation attorney. Armed with an extensive knowledge, expertise and skill set, our team is dedicated to providing top-level legal representation for aviation-related legal proceedings.

As a trusted Phoenix aviation lawyer that illustrates a strong commitment to our clients, we go to bat for two types of victims:

  • Victims of aviation accidents: As an aviation attorney in Phoenix AZ, we provide legal representation for men and women who have been injured in aviation incidents. This can be plane crashes and helicopter crashes, caused by anything from pilot negligence to malfunctioning aircraft components.
  • Families of fatal accident victims: We also serve as an aviation lawyer in Phoenix AZ for men and women who have lost loved ones in plane crashes, helicopter crashes and other aviation mishaps.

As a truly knowledgeable Phoenix aviation attorney, we put the decades of experience of our staff to work to discover the root cause of your accident. A technical knowledge is paramount in these situations as causes can be complex, such as in-flight mechanical failures or design-induce pilot errors.


A reputable Phoenix aviation lawyer

The Kettles Law Firm has quickly become a formidable name throughout the nation when it comes to aviation legal expertise. This not only speaks to our competency as a Phoenix plane crash attorney, but when it comes to people and parties in the industry, they know us and respect us.

You can use that reputation to your benefit. As your aviation lawyer in Phoenix AZ, you can let the opposition know that you mean business.

Explore the idea of making The Kettles Law Firm your Phoenix aviation attorney of choice. Contact our office staff right now to set up a consultation. We would be happy to discuss the details of your accident and answer any questions you might have.