Welcome to The Kettles Law Firm, where our clients have the opportunity to work with a Phoenix aircraft accident lawyer that harnesses innovative technology and resources to construct a strong case for you in the aftermath of an aviation accident.

With renowned Phoenix airplane accident lawyer Jon Kettles on our team, The Kettles Law Firm brings an unmatched level of knowledge, experience and perspective to your case. Still, this knowledge means little unless it can be put to work to help you find success in your case.

Aviation law is a very technical area of personal injury law. It’s important to work with a Phoenix helicopter accident lawyer that not only comprehends these technical aspects, but can also put them in layman’s terms so that a jury can understand then. With Mr. Kettles as your airplane accident lawyer in Phoenix AZ, you get the benefit of:

  • Innovative technology: With computer animation and video production, our Phoenix aircraft accident lawyer team is able to make a case come alive for a jury and help them understand in concrete terms what went wrong and who might be to blame. These visuals are infinitely important in conveying these highly technical concepts.
  • Specialized resources: As your Phoenix airplane accident lawyer, we will utilize an extensive network of investigators, consultants and other well-respected experts in the field to add credence to our arguments. This generally carries a lot of weight with juries and judges.

We are a dedicated helicopter accident lawyer in Phoenix AZ that fights to preserve the rights of aviation accident victims. Too often, accident victims are railroaded by insurance companies and other opposing parties, who do not act in their best interests.

The Kettles Law Firm will make sure that you are treated fairly and are able to recover the compensation you rightfully deserve. Put one of the leading Phoenix aircraft accident lawyer in your corner.