Maintain order in your life following an aviation accident by turning to a qualified Denver aircraft accident lawyer. At The Kettles Law Firm, we work closely with men and women who have been involved in aviation accidents, in addition to individuals who have lost a loved one due to these sorts of mishaps.

As your Denver airplane accident lawyer, we not only have a duty to ensure that your legal rights are protected as you move forward with civil litigation, but we also work closely with our clients to help them pick up the pieces of their lives.

Aviation accidents can lead to severe injuries — both short-term and long-term — and emotional trauma. As your Denver helicopter accident lawyer, we stress the importance of taking time to recover. You don’t need to take on a cumbersome legal battle on your own. We do the heavy lifting for you, which gives you a chance to recover.


Rooted in knowledge and experience

You would be hard pressed to find a more experienced and knowledgeable airplane accident lawyer in Denver CO. Attorney Jon Kettles has decades of experience in aviation law, putting to use his extensive experience as a pilot and instructor. He also holds a degree in aerospace engineering.

With this knowledge, and our team as your Denver aircraft accident lawyer, we will be able to sort through your accident and find the cause. With this information, we are able to hold the negligent party accountable and pursue appropriate compensation.


A leading Denver airplane accident lawyer

Mr. Kettles is a respected name in the industry, known as a leading airplane accident lawyer in Denver CO and throughout the rest of the country. Aside from his aviation experience, he has also been mentored by some of the most formidable personal injury law professionals in the industry. Folks trust him as a trustworthy helicopter accident lawyer in Denver CO.

Talk to The Kettles Law Firm right now and tell us about your aviation accident. We provide free consultations, allowing you some one-on-one time with a leading Denver aircraft accident lawyer.