Put a savvy, knowledgeable and aggressive Dallas aviation attorney in your corner by working with The Kettles Law Firm following an aviation accident. We are dedicated to working with men and women who have been injured in an accident or have lost a loved one in an accident.

The Kettles Law Firm stands as a Dallas aviation lawyer with an extensive knowledge of, and vast experience in, the aviation industry. Led by attorney Jon Kettles, our team is rooted in experience and perspective that comes with being a pilot, instructor, consultant and military aviation professional.

We want to put this knowledge and experience to work for you as your aviation attorney in Dallas TX.


Why is experience important?

The world of aviation law is unlike most other practice areas within personal injury law. This is the case for a few reasons.

  • A technical knowledge is required to identify negligence in an aviation accident in addition to explaining those findings coherently in court.
  • An aggressive and experienced Dallas aviation attorney is a must because this is a very strenuously defended industry. You will have insurance companies and their lawyers working against you.
  • Also, a solid Dallas aviation lawyer will help you avoid being low balled in terms of compensation. Many insurance companies will rush to settle before competent legal help can step in.

These are all important reasons why you should hire an aviation lawyer in Dallas TX immediately following your accident. At The Kettles Law Firm, we can guide your steps moving forward through the legal process.


A Dallas plane crash attorney you can trust

The Kettles Law Firm has faithfully served a long list of clients. You can be next. Consult with an experienced Dallas aviation attorney for free. Get your important questions and concerns addressed promptly.