As your Dallas aircraft accident lawyer, the team at The Kettles Law Firm will fight hard to secure the compensation that you are rightfully owed. We take on airline companies, aircraft manufacturers, their insurance companies and other parties and we do not back down.

Led by attorney Jon Kettles, The Kettles Law Firm is rooted in an extensive knowledge of the aviation industry. Mr. Kettles has decades of experience in aviation law, and has also served as a highly touted pilot, instructor and aviation expert with the United States military.

As your Dallas airplane accident lawyer, we will be able to sift through the details of your accident and harness this knowledge to pinpoint the cause. From there, we can hold the negligent parties accountable, ensuring that you receive fair compensation to cover such things as:

  • Medical bills: As your Dallas helicopter accident lawyer, we know that the injuries sustained in these accidents can be extensive. This can lead to an avalanche of medical bills that you shouldn’t be on the hook to pay. This includes both short-term and long-term care.
  • Pain and suffering: Aviation accidents can be especially traumatizing and leave a long-lasting impact on your life. As your Dallas aircraft accident lawyer, we will work hard to hold the negligent party responsible and make sure you are compensated for this trauma.

The Kettles Law Firm has served as a trusted Dallas airplane accident lawyer for clients around the country. We are known in the industry as a premier airplane accident lawyer in Dallas TX because we have the knowledge, experience and dedication to our clients that frequently leads to favorable outcomes.


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